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    You are using hacks, there is always a chance of getting busted.

    Konami usually warns first, 5-7 days ban, 30 days ban, perm ban.

    You have a temporary ban, if you invested money and you are scared to lose your account, don’t cheat.

    Sandro ChianeseSandro Chianese

    but is it coincidental which hacks you use? I thought that if I only use boost duel results and that only when I get almost 8000 points, it will not be recognized as a hack. I started again just four weeks ago. the account is from 2017. had this message twice but I used the Speedhack earlier and thought the message no longer comes. how do you adjust everything? What should you pay attention to


    Haha using Duelit is hacking the game, it interferes with game features.
    2-sided sword, you have to accept the chance of getting banned.
    I got the warning message yesterday. haha
    I think they started the ban wave.


    the best thing to do is create an account or two just to use with duelit.
    If you have any accounts that you don’t want to lose, just play fair on that account.
    so … create other accounts and enjoy fair play on the account you don’t want to lose ajhaha

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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