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Various problems with duelit

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    I’m having some problems with duelit and I need your help.

    My settings are, WIN10 64Bits, 8GB Ram, NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB, AVAST Security and Monitor-LG 1920×1080 game Duel links on Steam.

    Problem 1:

    Over time the bot stops working suddenly and stays in the screen of “try again” or “Restart” but it does not click anything and it is stopped in this screen.
    Then I have to turn off the bot, click on try again to enter the game and then turn on the bot again, so that it works again normally.

    Problem 2:

    The bot is jumping some npcs from the gate that appear in the duel world and also the bot is not dueling against the wanderer.
    Detail: I used the add npc ctl option but even then it did not farma in the npcs which I added manually.

    Problem 3:

    Some rewards that appear in the duel world are not being collected over time, it collects at the beginning, when the bot is turned on but after it stops collecting.

    Problem 4:

    I did all the procedures you have in the tutorial of how to do the gates but even adding the dlls in the correct folder when the duel begins it stops without doing anything, it does not hurt.
    I tried to make it work in all ways but I was not successful, I read the tutorial several times and did it step by step but it does not work.

    I wanted to say that I researched a lot in the forum and I did not find soil for these problems and so I’m asking for help, I’m sorry for my English because I’m Brazilian and I’m learning English and I hope you understand what I said.

    I await your return Steilz

    Best regards

    Guilherme Ferreira

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    Duelit Forum BotDuelit Forum Bot

    Hello guibreezy,

    Thank you for your request, we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

    In the meantime, please check out the tutorials section, nearly all common issues are answered there.
    When your problem still remains, try using the search function to make sure that a similar request wasn’t answered in another thread already.

    Keep in mind that we can only give support when you added screenshots (of Duel Links + Duelit) to your thread.

    This is an automated message, your request will be processed shortly.


    Problem 1: Screenshot Duel Links + Duelit

    Problem 2: Add NPC Clr should work fine, maybe you have a scuffed excludeConfig, try deleting it and retry, if it still happens: Screenshot Duel Links + Duelit / Enable/Disable New NPC Detection method

    Problem 3: Same as above

    Problem 4: If the “Autoduel” button is still greyed out when you are in a Gateduel, you didn’t replace the file.


    Good Morning

    I forgot to post the prints of the mistakes, as soon as I get home I post them here.


    Thank you very much for replying, I will read it calmly and do all the steps.

    I’ll answer later if it worked or not.



    Boa noite!

    Siga o link abaixo.

    Eu adicionei npc por Adicionar NPC Clr, mas ainda não machuca contra o npc e simplesmente o salta.

    Quando eu chamo os duelos FARM PVP, ele entra no duelo e espero 50 segundos e, depois, deixo a conexão como mostra a impressão. Mas a internet é normal.–1005–501–323/mostrar-codigo


    Good evening!

    Follow the link below.

    I added npc by Add NPC Clr but it still does not hurt against npc and simply jumps it.

    When I call the FARM PVP duels, he enters the duel and I wait 50 seconds and then drops the connection as shown in the print. But the internet is normal.


    1. That spot is currently excluded due to current events. Enabling “Switch World” will fix it as it forces all NPCs to respawn. However it doesn’t matter if Duelit doesn’t find one NPC as you don’t lose anything as long as not all NPCs respawn.

    2. That’s what it does. Please read the tutorial about PVP farming.


    Thank you very much for the help, everything went well here.

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