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Stage 48? Summoning 3 monsters

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    Can someone explain to me how to do this stage please, with the summoning of 3 monsters?
    Having a hard time understanding the tutorial due to Goof’s grammar. No offense.


    I just have this weird wiring in my head that if a grammar isn’t correct and if I am going into something new than I would not understand it. Unless if it’s bad grammar and I’ve seen it before or at least some/part of it, then I would easily be able to fix around those words.

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    Start a duel. Before the coinflip screen, open GG and pause the game.

    Load the card substitution text file, ensuring Items, Values, Freeze is checked.

    Change the addresses to the card you want, just as you’ve already done in the picture.

    Close GG and you should draw those cards at the start of the duel.

    One thing to note is you’re not supposed to freeze those top three addresses (Top Card, 2nd Card, 3rd Card). They need to be unfrozen or it will cause issues later….


    why can’t i summon dark magician? only allowing me to do blue eyes. What did i do wrong 



    It would appear you’re still doing something in the wrong order… The three meta values need to be 2048, 2112 and 2176 right before you close GG. This should be happening automatically unless something bugged out… Take a screenshot of the GG screen after you’ve entered the 4041 values, right before you close GG and resume the duel.

    This might help:

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