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    Duelit Settings

    The safest way to bot is without any hacks or mods.

    Farm NPCs: Farms Duel World NPCs (Also Read This)
    Farm PVP: Read This
    Farm Gate: Read This

    Type: Uses the PVP feature in ranked or casual
    Skill: Declares when Duelit checks if a deckskill is usable and tries to use it
    Farmtype: Changes the farming method between “duel”(Duelit plays a duel for you) and “disconnect” (Duelit pauses the game to force a loss and fast rewards (casual only))
    disc. sec.: How long Duelit should pause a game to force a disconnect

    Statistics: Displays Gold/Gems on the main tab of Duelit
    Send Vagabond: Sends the vagabond to a friend after a duel (always the first friend on the list)
    Stageevents: Triggers the gemspots in Duel World while farming NPCs (i.e. fountain at gate stage)
    Use Duel Orbs: Uses Duel Orbs (NOT boosted Duel Orbs) after dueling the last NPC in Duel World
    Buy colored keys: Buys keys from the card trader and also triggers the 8 hour card trader cycle while farming NPCs
    Collect Giftbox & Rev: Collects all pages from the giftbox before farming anything, will deactivate itself after it finished. Rev: Go from last to first page
    Switch World: Switches the series (GX / DM / 5DS) while farming NPCs when no more NPCs were detected, (check “Switch back World”to switch back to the original serie after finishing the NPC farm)
    Buy Cards (3 copies): Buys all cards from the cardtrader if you own less than 3 copies of it and also triggers the 8 hour card trader cycle while farming NPCs
    Reset Cardtrader: Resets Cardtrader cycle by opening the cardtrader screen while farming NPCs (automatically triggered by “Buy colored keys” or “Buy Cards”)
    Clean exclude.ini: Checks your exclude file entries after the NPC search to get rid of dead lines, should be used only if you encounter extremely long NPC searches due to a stuffed file
    Ignore if LD spawned: While gatefarming, ignore if a certain selected Legendary Duelist spawned in duel world and proceed to duel anyways
    Switch back World: After NPC search, Duelit switches back to the series which was active when Duelit was started

    Boost Duelresults: Read This
    PVP / Speedhack: Speeds up clientside animations to boost farming
    Trainer Mode: Read This

    xx Eventfarm: Farms the current eventduelist at the gate.

    NPC farm on XX spawn: Stops the current PVP- or gatefarm, if the roaming eventduelist appeared, and switches back to NPC farm

    Gatefarm master: Read This

    New NPC Detection: Uses a different method of detecting NPCs in Duel World, will cause some failclicks in the first 2-3 cycles but works more reliable in the long run

    Restart Duel Links every x minutes: Completely restarts Duel Links every set minutes, keep in mind that this option will also exit Duel Links while dueling, very helpful due to the instability of Duel Links

    Add NPC Clr: If Duelit doesn’t detect a NPC for you, stop Duelit and use the “Add NPC Clr” function and follow the instructions, this will add the NPC color to your npcColors.ini and Duelit will look for that color in the future.

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