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Regarding Gate Farming

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    Just curious as to how the bot is able to autoduel when there isn’t that option normally for gates.

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    Magic. Or by changing memory values, not too sure.


    Appreciate the quick response, hopefully this “magic” isn’t detectable by konami LMAO


    I’ve completed 3 expensive decks in the last 3 weeks from autodeuling at the gate after pvp farming all evening. No red flags anywhere! I don’t use any of the cheats or duel results, etc, so it seems to be safe.


    I am using this bot already for over a month of time in total. I set everything to the limit. I don’t give a fuck. I was already doing this 1 or 2 years before, when I found out about duelit and even had to purchase it back then.
    I think Konami will never bust you.

    I tick every box in Advanced and set the value as good as possible. Enemy LP 0, so duels end instantly when they start. I have the bot running 12 hours a day.

    I think konami doesn’t give a fuck either. I don’t think they care about people cheating.
    I guess for them it’s about making money… Using the bot makes you play then game when you would otherwise stop. This makes spending money more likable.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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