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PVP farming

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    The new PVP farming method is in a early development stage.

    Make sure ‘top down view’ is activated in your duel settings!!

    PVP farming:

    If Farmtype is set to “disconnect” (casual only), Duelit disconnects you from the game to force a fast loss (results in faster rewards), if it’s set to “duel“:

    In order to build a more advanced PVP routine, you may want to head to 

    and customize the settings to fit your deck.

    How does it work?

    [3800] ;CardId - do not change this!
    name=Blue-Eyes White Dragon ;Cardname - no effect except for Duelit log
    play=1 ;How a card should be played, 1 = Activate spell directly / Summon monster in atk, 2 = Set spell / monster in def, 0=Don't play that card, 3=Don't play the card, but summon in Atk if summoned by a effect (it's summoned in def otherwise)
    flipMain=1 ;Try to flip a monster at the end of the mainphase, 1 = atk, 2 = def
    activatePhase=oDraw,oMain,oBattle,oEnd,eDraw,eMain,eBattle,eEnd ;Activate the effect of a card (monsters, spells, traps) in specific phases of the duel only (oMain = own Mainphase, eMain = enemy Mainphase etc.)
    activateOn=own,enemy ;Activate the effect of a card on own cards or enemy cards (i.e. the effect of Enemy Controller) <b>Works atm only if there are less than 4 own cards on the choosing screen


    name=Enemy Controller

    With these settings, Duelit will try to set Enemy Controller face down and activates it in the enemy battlephase only (i.e. when you’re being attacked). It also tries to use it on enemies only.

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