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    The day before the ban announcement I paid for a two month subscription to duelit, however afterwords I’m not really comfortable using the bot until it’s confirmed that there’s no punishment for using it without instant win. Is there anyway I can pause my duration for a month then having it continue normally from there?

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    Hello brainiac1515,

    Thank you for your request, we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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    The “warnings” Konami gave out received all kind of ppl using any sort of “instant win” method, Duelit users are just a small percentage of that and alot of us didn’t even get one. Since there is no Duel happening with instantwin, all the data sent to konami after a duel simply do not fit together.

    Duelit is a pixel based bot and operates 100% on the surface (if used without injections like 8k instantwin and Advanced Tab) as it simply simulates clicks and reads screenshots. Therefor, there is no automated way to detect such a bot, except for checking behaviour which is
    1. Not really possible due to the linear structures of Duel Links (There is no such thing as “botmovement” in this game)
    2. Not a thing Konami would go for in the near future as botting is hardly an offense in a game were 2/3 are using macros for specific tasks imo

    getting banned for using the bot just for it’s original purpose, which is botting without any sort of hacks, is very very very unlikely (i’d say it’s safe, but cheating is never safe) in Duel Links. And that chance won’t become any lower by waiting a month.
    If you want to simply farm the Standard Duelists, the best way is to set a high “After NPC-search” pausetime, so Duelit pauses until some duelists respawned, which would be the exact behaviour when you are playing on your own, so no banrisk there.


    Alright thanks, feel a lot more confident now, it’s gonna suck not being able to lv 10 gate xp farm but at least this is safe as long as i don’t use speedhacks


    Is it safe to use your enemy Life 0?

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