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    NPC Detection:
    -) If Duelit doesn’t detect a NPC for you, stop Duelit and use the “Add NPC Clr” function and follow the instructions, this will add the NPC color to your npcColors.ini and Duelit will look for that color in the future.
    -) If Duelit detects fake NPCs, it will save the color, the coordinates and the stage to /duelit/exclude.ini (Or excludeConfig.ini if using the new NPC detection method) and skip it in future searches. You can also remove the colorcode Duelit Log tells you from /duelit/npcColors.ini  (Or npcColorConfig.ini if using the new NPC detection method) and restart it so that specific color will be removed generally. (You can find a tutorial by Alean HERE)

    Tip: Due to the level difference between players, some Duel Links functions might not be the same for all players which results in different events to happen. I highly suggest activating “Switch World” in Duelit (if GX is unlocked) so NPCs which might have spawned in a hardcoded exclude area will switch positions.

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