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How to set the screen resolution forcefully?

Forums Members Area General Discussion How to set the screen resolution forcefully?

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    I know I have to set resolution to 1280×720 to make sure that duelit could run correctly, and i tried to. But I found that if i set virtual machine’s window in my second screen, which is upright, then duel links cant’t change resolution to 1280×720 because the limitation of width of my screen. Thought my second screen is 22 inch, but for some reason i have to set it to upright, and that cause the problem.

    The problem is, if there exists any way to set the screen resolution forcefully without detecting the width of screen? Btw, i know i can just drag window to another screen make it works and drag back, but i can’t because i am home working now, I don’t want to let people found that i was playing duel links and working at the same time lol.

    very long article and shit grammer, tx for reading and answering my questions.

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