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    You can either use the the Duel Links implemented autoduel function (select it in the dropdown menu in duelit) or the PVP mechanics to farm at the gate (CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO SET UP YOUR card_db.ini)
    Activate gatefarming in the settings tab and select the duelists you want to duel in the gatefarm tab

    Activate by checking the gatefarming checkbox in the settings tab.

    Specify the level and the amount of duels of the specific Legendary duelists.
    If you set the duels to “-1”, it will duel that NPC as many times as possible, before switching to the next one.

    If specific duelists are not working for you or are missing generally, you can use this button and follow the instructions in order to add or repair them.

    Gatefarm master
    Overrides all settings from the “Gatefarm”-Tab and farms any LD available. By checking “Repeat” it will stop gatefarming after the set amount of duels are made, but resets them when switching to NPC/PVP.

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