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gatefarm/pvp disconnect safe?

Forums Members Area General Discussion gatefarm/pvp disconnect safe?

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    So its been awhile since I’ve used DuelIT, from everything I’ve been reading it doesn’t seem that Gatefarm autoduel is safe anymore or pvp disconnect. At which point I have to ask, What is the purpose of DuelIT? Is there something that I’ve missed? The whole reason I used the program when I did, which was a year ago mind you was for those purposes. Easy leveling of toons and being able to farm rewards/gems while I slept. Leveling came from D/Cs and rewards/gems came from Gate. If anyone has any information on the safety of using these functions they can say I would appreciate it.

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    peronsally i’m using PVP disconnect for 2 years fine now. I don’t 24/7 gatefarm, i usually do it all at once when i have like 100k keys.

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