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Gate switching broken since new version of duelit

Forums Members Area Help Gate switching broken since new version of duelit

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    ok so here my bug, when duelit try to change gate from event to normal or normal to eventgate, he misclick the “Switch Gate” button and been stuck in my card deck list instead… but only since update .62 of duelit…

    nvm I think I found out the problem, I just moved GG icon under Switch Gate button and it seem working now

    I’m testing it right now if the error will come back or not

    test 1 -> ok its not a good spot putting GG icon under Switch Gate button -> it cause stuck after each duel when “waiting for xp screen” to show up

    test 2 -> ok I found the best spot for GG icon that wont make any problem for Switching Gate and any other Stuck issues (so all stuck issues are because of GG icon that block the image/pixel area you use in Duelit) just look at my second picture attached! be sure to not hide the last Men icon with the left arrow of GG icon and be at the most upper possible!!

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    Hello, please read the tutorial, it tells you to move your GG icon in the top left corner.


    i got same problem without marik event, just endless loop on switching to gate…


    Seems to still be a thing, haven’t picked up on exactly what causes it, could be screen sleeping perhaps.

    Not sure if there’s a check for having entered the gate / duel world properly, but would it be tricky to add one in there?


    When the monitor is set to deactivate automatically after x minutes, it wont work.
    Turning off the monitor by using the power button on it should be no problem, but i guess since you are using a vm it doesnt matter for you.


    Yeah this “monitor” shouldn’t ever turn off. I notice you can force this to happen if you wave the mouse over the NOX window while it’s trying to switch to the gate. Seems any interruption, whether it’s slow network or user error gets it caught in this loop.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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