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Gate farming not working

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    It just get stuck when it run to normal gate detected….
    and didn’t enter in the duel

    [上午 01:05:46] – Starting Gatefarming..
    [上午 01:05:46] – Trying to open gate..
    [上午 01:05:46] – Switching to gate
    [上午 01:05:47] – Detecting Gate..
    [上午 01:05:50] – Normal Gate detected

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    steilz wrote:
    How to setup Duelit
    1. Extract Duelit to a folder of your choice
    2. Start NOX and change its resolution to 480×800 (Phone View, Open GL), you may also want to give it max RAM and CPU
    3. Start Duel Links, set the game language to “english” and connect to the game
    4. Get in a stage screen (shop, pvparena, gate or cardstudio)
    5. Start DuelIt
    6. Press the START button and let the magic happen
    To stop the bot press the PAUSE/BREAK Button
    The Duel Links window has to be visible for the bot to work
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