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    Keeps Checking Series then gets error , aftr that goes to gate and keeps looping.

    I read all the guide’s . i dont seem to understand why its not working ?

    Please help thank you 🙂

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    Can you screenshot duel links as well when that happens?

    Is it trying to click the series change button?

    Ima guess that there’s a general detection problem when it’s loops the gate after that.
    Did you set your scaling to 100% and restart your pc afterwards.
    Are there any custom color filters or video card settings active?


    same problem here, it only happens in zexal world for me so im assuming the detection wasnt implemented correctly, but it doesnt affect the bot that much it only loops a few times and goes back to normal.


    here is the screenshots u asked for.

    It clicks the change series button for up to 4-6 times then it gets the error then it goes to gate and repeats the gate error then it closses the game and restarts in the same loop.

    Also i have windows scalling at 100% and was always 100%.
    I dont have any custom color or video settings.

    Thanks for the reply i hope u can fix the problem.


    Yea i see the problem, it was caused by the fact that you didn’t have all the series unlocked yet, i kinda forgot that one when updating to the new Zexal World.

    However, it should work fine now regardless which series you unlocked when you restart Duelit and update to v805

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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