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    I’m an old buyer of this bot back when it was possible to use on emulators. Steam released and emulator support got discontinued since Steam was the superior way to play the game iirc. About 2 years ago my main DL account that I’ve had since 2017 got locked out of using Steam. We were able to switch between seem accounts seamlessly but then they done an update that made our accounts locked to one Steam account, causing a lot of players lose the ability to use their mains on Steam. I beg you to please make support for emulators again so we can have with advantages of this bot even if it has to be paid access.

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    Unfortunately keeping up with 2 versions of the game would be way too time consuming for me to do.
    Also, so many features would simply not work or would need an incredibly awful workaround (assessment points etc.)

    Tbh, if you are that connected with your main account I wouldn’t suggest risking it anyways, as bans happen from time to time.

    So the best way to use duelit is probably to boost accounts to keep up with the meta and trash them afterwards if most of the ways to get gems are used already.

    Hf, steilz


    I understand and thanks for replying! I think that would be my best bet too so I’ll give alts a try.

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