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Botting in the Background using a VM

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    This is one way to bot in the background using duellinks + duelit in its current incarnation.

    x64 version of windows, if you’re already botting you have this anyway.
    Reasonably modern CPU. Most core i5s and i7s made in the last 5 or so years should do. I’m not familiar enough with AMD to offer a recommendation there.
    3-4 GB free RAM for the VM.
    20-25 GB disk space, 18-20 GB for the VM and about 4 GB for the installation media.
    An internet connection that can handle a 4 – 4.5 GB download.
    VT-x or AMD-V enabled in your BIOS. Most systems enable this by default, you can check using the methods described here:…ualization
    If your system does not have vitualisation switched on, you may have to google how to turn it on for your specific laptop / motherboard model.
    A GPU. If you can game on it you can probably use it for this.
    Further setup details included in the video:

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