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Bot stuck doing lottery after duel link reboots

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    Duel Links appears to have rebooted due to maybe a konami network problem or something, but the bot doesn’t restart DL. IT’s been 2 hours after the last “speed up!” and the bot has not reacted since then or tried to restart. (yet it is still clicking at the area where the lottery is: right at the dot between NAS and TV at the bottom of the screen)
    Relevant log:
    [22:03:19] Confirming points[22:03:20] Duel took 40 seconds![22:03:22] Checking eventitems..[22:03:24] Using supportitems..[22:03:24] Checking items..[22:03:36] Supportitems Error![22:03:36] Not enough eventitems![22:03:36] Card Lottery!!![22:03:38] Waiting for lottery..[22:03:40] Lottery detected![22:03:40] Buying multiple draws[22:03:43] Waiting for rewards..[22:03:43] speed up![22:03:46] Buying multiple draws[22:03:46] slow down![22:03:49] Waiting for rewards..[22:03:50] Buying multiple draws[22:03:53] Waiting for rewards..[22:03:53] Buying multiple draws[22:03:56] Waiting for rewards..[22:03:57] Buying multiple draws[22:04:00] Waiting for rewards..[22:04:00] Buying multiple draws[22:04:03] Waiting for rewards..[22:04:04] Buying multiple draws[22:04:07] Waiting for rewards..[22:04:07] Buying multiple draws[22:04:10] Waiting for rewards..[22:04:11] Buying multiple draws[22:04:14] Waiting for rewards..

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    Duelit Forum BotDuelit Forum Bot

    Hello TKan010714,

    Thank you for your request, we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

    In the meantime, please check out the tutorials section, nearly all common issues are answered there.
    When your problem still remains, try using the search function to make sure that a similar request wasn’t answered in another thread already.

    Keep in mind that we can only provide support when you added screenshots (of Duel Links + Duelit) to your thread.

    This is an automated message, your request will be processed shortly.


    Thanks, errorcheck was missing there, fixed with 704

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