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Bot gets stuck waiting for XP

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    I have read in a previous post that this error had been fixed along with the previous update but it seems the error has come back.

    When I run the bot, after a duel is over, the bot gets stuck at waiting for XP screen. It was working fine yesterday during the day until I left the bot running overnight. When I woke up, it was stuck at this screen not long after I left the PC alone. I also made sure the screen was ON the whole time by turning off my monitor and windows options for turning the screen OFF.

    I tried running the bot again moments ago and now it will get stuck all the time.


    So, I think I found out by chance what’s causing this bug.

    When the GG icon covers the text “Duel Results” even by a little, the bot is unable to recognize the XP screen.

    I have given it a try several times by placing the GG icon on the text and out of the text and there seems to be a pattern.

    If anyone else can test this out I would appreciate it.

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    It’s not a bug, that’s the reason why it tells you to move your GG icon in the top left corner in the tutorial.

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