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    First of all thanks for this service, it’s awesome :)
    lately I’ve been receiving this message below and was wondering, does this mean I should stop all farming or just make sure to stop using result hacks (which I only use to farm NPC’s and legendary duelist in order to avoid this exact situation)?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    Edit: I can’t seem to figure out how to add a pic so this is what the message says:

    Important Notice

    We have noticed that during Duels, your account has been sending data that would not be sent if playing the game normally.
    *If we notice the same occurrence in the future, we will take strict action against your account, base on our Terms of Use. This includes, but is not limited to permanently banning your account. Please note that we may not be able to respond to your queries regarding this incident.

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    Duelit Forum BotDuelit Forum Bot

    Hello theshmu,

    Thank you for your request, we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

    In the meantime, please check out the tutorials section, nearly all common issues are answered there.
    When your problem still remains, try using the search function to make sure that a similar request wasn’t answered in another thread already.

    Keep in mind that we can only provide support when you added screenshots (of Duel Links + Duelit) to your thread.

    This is an automated message, your request will be processed shortly.


    Only Konami could answer that question, but they won’t.

    Imo 99% caused by abusing the hacks, think what you used to much, stop it or lower it.

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