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About instant wins, Duel Results, etc.

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    Since alot of ppl in here didn’t get the point of why i removed all kind of instantwin methods (Memory and .DLL), here’s a short explanation:

    After every duel your client sends all kinds of stuff (played cards, finishtype, dmg, summons, rounds, …) to Konami and Konami answers with the Duelrewards. 
    Due to the fact that there is no real Duel with instantwins, that data is heavily corrupted and simply doesn’t fit to a realistic duel. 

    That’s the reason why you should let the Bot play the full auto-duel, no matter if it takes longer. There are no benefits in finishing duels in recordtime when you are not running a boosted orb anyways.

    Therefor reducing enemy LP, deck, or any other setting which results in a faster duelend is definetely something i can NOT recommend and pretty much all bans lately were a DIRECT result of that kind of cheating behaviour. 
    Manipulating a duel like that will pretty much send the same corrupted data as an instantwin.

    However, all these accounts will be most likely unbanned after 1-4 weeks as there have been 0 permanent bans yet.

    As always: Keep in mind that there is NO way of “safe” cheating.

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    What about farm PVP, the casual type, that disconnect 45S, is it safe?

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