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A petition to remove Glossy effects from cards

Forums Members Area General Discussion A petition to remove Glossy effects from cards

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    First of all, I´d like to thank steilz for the program. It´s made farming so much easier (main reason I use it).

    One feature I´ve always longed for, though, is a simple visual one: to remove the sheen from Glossy/Prismatic cards. Don´t like how they look, I personally believe they get in the way of any card´s actual artwork. Irks me even more if I get the damn effect on cards I like to use. Worse thing is, I´ve been asking Konami starting from freaking year 1 in their stupid surveys to add a way to disable that: either a graphic option in the Settings menu or add a function to remove the shining, just like there´s a way to upgrade Basic cards to Glossy.

    Lo and behold, 4 years in and my pleas are still unanswered. Thanks for nothing, Konami.

    And that´s why, I´m turning to this forum. Would it be possible to add a visual hack capable of turning all of your cards to Basic rarity? Or at least disable the visuals. I don´t even care if it´s only temporary, and merely applies as long as DuelIt is on.

    Would appreciate it. A lot. I´d even make a donation just to add the feature.

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