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8K Instawin for devices other than NOX?

Forums Members Area Help 8K Instawin for devices other than NOX?

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    Hey, Cant seem to get the Game Guardian for instant win vs NPCs script to work on my rooted Device.  got the latest file, and GG is version 8.26

    Is it purely just compatible on NOX?  

    Please delete if this isint the right question to ask

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    NOX only, the list changes position on pretty much every different phone / tablet so a universal list can’t be used.

    What you can do though is work out where the list lies for your particular device and then save it. That saved list should then work for that particular phone every time you restart the game. Dinas made a nice tutorial showing how to search for your deck address and then move the GG list to the correct location: 

    Couple of things:

    • The UI has changed a little bit since then, but the method is still mostly the same
    • Before you do any searching, tap the very bottom of the search screen where it says “Jh, Ca, Cb, A” etc and tick only ‘C++.bss’. This greatly reduces the number of bad values that appear in search by limiting the search to a select memory region.
    • The number he’s searching for is the number of cards left in the deck. Before the duel it’s 30, then he draws 4 cards; the deck now has 26 cards. Adjust this number to suit how many cards are in your deck and keep searching until you only have one address.
    • If the new ‘Var xxxxxxx’ address appears above the saved list instead of below it, enter a minus (-) sign in the ‘Change Address’ box before you paste in the copied offset value you found using the ‘Calculate Offset’ button.

    Once you have the list in the right place you can edit it to achieve 8K instawin. Freeze XOR, Cards in Hand and both Deck values to 0. Freeze your LP to 1 and freeze the ‘Highest Effect DMG” to 10,000. Now save the list using the button to the right of the Load List button.

    I’ve been meaning to make an updated guide for this but wasn’t sure if people really needed it or not. Post here if you want this and/or are having trouble with the guide. Not all android devices work with this, but most should.

    PM me if you don’t get ‘LP on the brink’ in the duel assessment, this usually means XOR is wrong and can be a bit fiddly to find…


    I can confirm this works on other emulators. I tried Memu and it gets 8k every time.


    Hey Goof any update on finding the other addresses? struggling to find a few myself.


    Video is coming soon™. I managed to get a bit recorded yesterday, have to wait until the cell tower’s not having a seizure so I can record a bit more….


    Hey Goof i cant make the instant win happen i do every step with the bot and the speed hack everything is alright but the instant win never pops out. And i have the Nox 5 and GG 8.30.0. I dont know what to do


    Are you using the latest file? Are you following step 14 of the tutorial?


    Not sure where to post this so, PC version Cheat engine tables?


    8k instant win is implemented into Duelit with the Steam version, check the settings tab. Also, if you dont know where to post something, you are better off starting a new thread ;)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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