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illesc200 wrote:
steilz wrote:
Hello, please read the big black bar, it’s impossible to assist you if you can’t provide details and screenshots. (Also, this is not the helpforum, ima move your thread)

What doesn’t work? Did you load the GG list? How does it look like. Screenshot are really necessary (Just like i told you over email).

i tried sending screen shots and it doesn’t let me can we please do team viewer so you can do it for me i would truly appreciated like i mentioned in my email thanks and sorry to bother you but i’m a rookie when it comes to this stuff hope you can help

hey what’s your discord tag number? my screen name is illesc200 but in order to add you i need your discord tag number and thanks for the help and sorry for been a pest with this but i tried everything possible and followed the videos steps by step and nothing