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Hashtagmirin wrote:
have no other people on this forum been having this problem? cause i know alot of people who have

and the link you send, i already tried all of that

The first time I installed Duel Links within Nox it was slow, maybe an hour… But yeah longer than it took on my phone. And every new event that requires 20mb or more in data takes 10 minutes or more to install. I have an ssd.

Something you can try is to make sure virtualization is turned on in the bios. This problem could be affecting only certain network chips or other computer components. I’ll keep doing research and let you now if I find anything. Thankfully once working Nox and DuelIt work wonderfully.

Out of curiosity I ran a speed test in Nox and it was the same as for my computer (35 Mbps). I wonder why Duel Links takes so long. I’ll keep exploring.