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Goof wrote:
Only thing I can suggest is what’s on this page:
Goof wrote:
You can maybe try moving the NOX disk to a fast SSD or even a RAMDisk and see if it improves the speed at all. If not, then this is probably a problem that the NOX devs need to solve…

Other things to try:

  • Make sure steam, windows or some other program is not trying to update at the same time.
  • Click on the red ‘!’ symbol on the NOX window and fix whatever it’s complaining about. Either VT-x is disabled through BIOS or antivirus or NOX is using the wrong GPU.
  • Open NOX through your firewall or disable it temporarily to see it the update speed improves.
  • If duel links updates faster on your phone, tether your laptop to phone data and see if that helps.
  • Move the NOX VM files onto a RAMDisk or fast SSD.

If it keeps stalling at 100% you’ll need to try Lukario’s suggestion and start the game without data transfer and let it download.