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Tried that already, no luck :(
Even with one instance running, the npccolor wouldn’t let me add or delete anything.
I even deleted all the file and downloaded the new duelit from the forum, let it ran to create new setting, gatefarm and npc color file, but still had the same problem.

Well, it’s a long shot but I’m calling it anyway.
There probably is a limit of how many codes you can add to the npccolor file.
Don’t know how many exactly, let’s say it’s 100 for example, when I add the 101, it would revert back to the attached file. Readd them and stop at exactly 100, then everything is fine.
Can you extend this limit or something? Also how can I run multiple instance with one npccolor file? Does that mean I have to copy the 1st color file and replace the others with it? Meaning everytime I add a new color code to one of the instances, I would have to copy the file with the newly added code and overwrite the others???