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Goof wrote:
castenda wrote:
i did it exactly like the video showed. srsly no idea

Why send me a PM if you have PM replies disabled? o_O

You haven’t done exactly what the video shows, I suggest you re-watch it very closely.

You need to search with the double colon ( :: ) near the end of the string. if you only search ;0;0;0;0;0:21
you’ll end up with too many results. The search needs to be

After you change the 4874, you need to tap and hold on that number. Choose offset calculator, then enter -40. The HEX box needs to be ticked. This should take you to a ‘one’ in the address list. Tap that, select DWORD and change the number to 200 or more.

oh, i didnt know i had pm disabled. never touched the CP page. it worked. thanks alot for the help and patience…