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Ah okay I see what you mean with the PvP duels now; it’s a lot more convenient to use it to test lol.

That .txt looked promising because a few addresses I recognized from my WIP list. Unfortunately I loaded it and only a few address values were working (My deck, cards in hand and enemy deck, cards in their hand). I’ll keep working on it to see which addresses work for my game. Thank you for the help so far!

Got it working after a bit of tinkering and some free time lol! It started by creating and playing test decks to track the spells and traps played, monsters summoned and special summoned.


1. Updated GG to 8.27.0
2. Loaded the original ‘jp.konami.duellinks.txt’
3. Offset the first few values for Cards in Deck & Hand, Cards in Enemy Deck & Hand by -8
4. Offset mostly everything else by -60 (for whatever reason my game’s addresses here were off by 60)
5. Start a duel
6. (Skipping the number of cards in hand/deck for you and your opponent
Set and freeze desired values
7. Wait for coinflip, wait for your turn 
8. Set the number of cards in your + your opponent’s deck to 0
9. End turn 
10. Opponent will lose and you’ll get a DA score of 9000+ 

I’ll PM Goof my .txt file, let me know if anyone else needs it if they’re having the same issues as me. Thanks so much to Goof and steilz for helping out!