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steilz wrote:
zzyx wrote:
Hi all, I needed a bit of help using Game Guardian. Duelit is running fine for me (gets stuck after Vagabond / LD duels) but overall no complaints  :) 

Why is it stuck after Vagabond / LD duels? That sounds like a major issue you shouldn’t have. Can you provide screenshots of that issue?

For the GG part try moving the table/searching the addresses manually:

Other than that you may wanna wait for Goof to give some more professional input.

It happens when I have Duelit set to duel only SD’s so I might have to mess with the settings but yeah, I’ll definitely try to recreate the problem and get some screenshots for you.

That’s the video I followed to offset the values but I’ll try it a few more times in case something went wrong.  In his video, the addresses started with 781’s but in the jp.konami.duellinks.txt file that I downloaded, it changes my values to start with 15F — is it the same way for you?