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steilz wrote:
That screenshot would have shown the issue perfectly.

Check out the tutorial on how to set everything up

Haha! thanks.
I’ll look for the tutorial.


Oh no! 0_o

Because I coudn’t find a thread that explained how to enable speedarrows (which, to enable speedarrows is more difficult than you would think), I wrote a very in depth tutorial on how to fix this particular problem. Including summary of the problem itself, screenshots and a step by step tutorial of how to enable speedarrows.

Then I accedentally reloaded my page and deleted the past half an hour of work. Excuse me for this brief tutorial.

To enable speedarrows:
– Press the GG icon in the top right of your screen.
– Select the Duel Links process (should be the top one)
– Open the tab with the magnifying glass icon on the top row.
– Press the icon on the far left (three horizontal stripes). See attached screenshot for clarification. 
– In the menu that opened, scroll down untill you see “Speedhack”. Press that.
– Now speedarrows should be enabled!

I hope this helped anyone!

I did it twice, i reloaded the page twice while writing this tutorial. You might think I’d learn from the first mistake. I didn’t. =]