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1. Yeah, as you summon monsters keep in mind how many you’ve summoned and keep searching for that value. Keep in mind there is a value that tracks all summons and then individual values that track things like normal summons, tribute summons, rituals, fusion etc…

2. Kinda… Keep in mind there is also a value that tracks cards set as well as traps activated. If you’re searching for traps activated it helps to set a few spell cards as well, this way that ‘cards set’ address will have a different value and will be excluded from the search.

3. Effect damage is things like spell cards that inflict LP damage. The one we use to trigger the 10,000 duel assessment score tracks the highest single effect damage infliction performed in the duel. The easiest way to search this is to build a deck with things like Sparks, Restructor Revolution etc. and keep increasing how much damage you do. Also note there is an address that tracks how much damage you do in one turn, so you need to rule that one out. If you have the cards, start a duel, inflict 200 effect damage with a spell card, then search 200 and end turn. Then on your next turn inflict 400 damage and search 400 and end turn. Then at the start of your next turn, search 400 again, inflict 500 damage and search 500. You should have only one address at this point with 0 false positives…

I understand this might not make much sense, by mid-late next week I should have time to make a video showing the whole process…