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Well let’s do a little math here.
For example: with GG speedhack, the time it takes to complete a duel is 90s (supposedly). So 30 duels (my pvp cycle) would take 30 x 90 = 2700s
The same formula with x3 always on a duel is supposed to be at least 8s (10s most of the time) faster, so a duel would take 82s -> 30 x 82 = 2460s
2700 – 2460 = 240s
That means with every 30 duels, my method is 4 mins faster.
Even with all the disconnection and aforementioned stuff, all that takes 1-2 mins top and I only encounter the disconnection like 1-2 in hundreds of duels (sometimes not a single error for more than thousands of duels).
However, this may work for me only :D, the bot is running fine atm, much appreciated your work and always fast response :)