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Yep it looks that way at first.
With always x3 on, the time it takes to complete a duel may nearly the same with GG speed hack feature, let’s call this stage 1 (though I found that always x3 seems to be faster a bit, 4-6 secs maybe). But after a few duels, the game will crash which resulted in the communication time out and DISCONNECTION. With duel version 1, the bot will click to reboot, search for open world npc (which definitely causes another communication time out on the first duel WITH NO DISCONNECTION and you receive a duel loss WITH NO END DIALOG, strange indeed), and then re-enter the pvp. This time, the time it takes to complete a duel is even faster than stage 1 (sometimes up to more than 10 secs).
So, I definitely think you may give it a try :)