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Hey thank you for the help!

Seemed to work with “The Legendary Fisherman” and warrior type monsters but i have a question.

Does the monster have to unlock a playmat in order for this cheat to work? SO for example if i used a warrior type monster that does not unlock a playmat if you summon him 100x times, will the hack still work and say that the monster was summoned 100 times?

I’m asking because there does not seem to be a fairy type monster that unlocks a playmat and ive tried this cheat with “Agent of Creation – Venus” and “Dunames Dark Witch” and they both did not seem to work.

SO basically is there a monster i do not know of that unlocks a playmat that is a fairy type or should i be able to do this cheat without the need of a fairy type monster who unlockss a playmat?

jeez thats worded terribly thank you for your help though!